Full-service eventing facility in Des Moines, IA

The early days: 1995-2005

Meaghan first sat on a pony at a fair when she was two years old. She started screaming when her parents tried to take her off. This is where the addiction started – even though Meaghan claims horses are in her blood! She finally received riding lessons as a sixth birthday present and never looked back.

Meaghan’s first event horse Rutabaga Roo was a Thoroughbred mare that took her up to Training level. During the summer of 2005, Meaghan started her first working student position at Pond View Farm in Martha’s Vineyard under the tuition of Tracey Admaral. She steered Meaghan on the Young Riders path and shortly after her return home, she took a trip down to Ocala with her father to find a suitable mount. She ended up finding her dream horse, a chestnut stallion named Ahlerich, at Darren Chiacchia’s Farm.

Young Rider Dreams: 2005–2008


Meaghan was one of the most successful young riders in Area IV (encompassing the Mid-West). Her partnership with Ahlerich was unbelievable. Within eight months, they were a part of the gold medal team at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. They moved up the levels and competed in many 1* and 2* events together. During this time, Meaghan also purchased a lovely Trakehner mare named Kosette. Kosette competed up to Preliminary before sustaining a career-ending injury. She retired from sport and enjoyed a career as a broodmare. The result – lovely black gelding named Kariba by Windfall II.

The Flying Piglet: 2008–2014


Ahlerich “The Flying Piglet” helped her achieve her goals of competing at the Advanced and 3* level. He was a great teacher and the most reliable cross-country horse. Meaghan had always hoped that he would be her first 4* horse. Out of the 31 events they did together in the US, they only had one technical elimination and picked up their first XC penalty at the Advanced level in the UK. After many years of top level competition both in the US and in the UK, Ahlerich earnt his retirement in 2011. He spent his remaining days with Meaghan at Murrells' End Farm in Gloucester, England. Sadly, he passed away in a pasture incident five days before he was due to return to the US.

Hartpury Adventures: 2008–2014

After High School graduation, Meaghan made the decision to move across the pond to follow her dreams of becoming a top event rider, while earning her undergraduate degree. She decided to pursue a BSc Equine Sports Science at  Hartpury College, a university with extensive equine facilities in Gloucestershire, UK. She was selected onto the Hartpury Elite Equine Academy, which included lessons from Nick Burton, Corrine Bracken, Carl Hester, Ann Taylor, Captain Mark Phillips, and Tor Verdin. Meaghan formed an extensive professional network and gained her first owner, Pat Burton. She started Marinovich Eventing while taking her MA Equine Business Management.


powder river ranch: 2014-present


Meaghan returned to the US in June of 2014 to launch her business. She  started training and coaching horses and riders throughout the Midwest. A big part of her decision to move back was her homebred gelding, Kariba, a striking 18.2hh Trakehner gelding who was born at Powder River Ranch. With the help from Becky Holder, Meaghan was able to start competing Kariba. The facilities at her parents' Powder River Ranch are top notch: grass, surface and indoor riding arenas, cross-country jumps, polo fields, hacking and trails are enjoyed by her clients.